With our expert commercial office cleaning services you can be assured that your facility will have professional atmosphere day after day. We are proud to still have our very first commercial client after 10 years of service due to our exceptional cleaning standards. This is one of the reasons why we are considered by many as one of the best cleaning companies in the DC area.

We guarantee you will find our commercial office cleaning services will surpass those of most other cleaning companies. Other companies can do less work for less money but they will not match quality of work provided by Extra Maid employees. We are focused on building lasting relationship with our clients by providing superior cleaning service which inspires customer respect and loyalty, and we will work with you to make sure this goal is obtained. We don’t hire sub-contractors, all work is done by us so you can be confident that everything is under control.

Extra Maid provides daily janitorial services to various types of facilities. All our services are customized in order to meet our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations. Our services include the follwing:

  • dusting of all surfaces, including phones, baseboards and sills;
  • cleaning and sanitizing common restrooms and restocking their supplies;
  • detailed cleaning of light switches and fixtures, kitchenettes, vending machines, rails, door handles, stairwells, storage areas, walk away mats, entrances, exits, lobbies, main floor elevator lobbies and adjacent corridors, elevators, locker rooms and gymnasiums, showers, and other high-use areas;
  • collecting trash and recycling;
  • cleaning water fountains;
  • vacuuming and deep cleaning carpets, as well as stain removal;
  • care of hard surface floors, including marble, vinyl, hardwood and tile;
  • cleaning of office system, including partitions and upholstery;
  • other customized services.

Our commercial office cleaning service is available seven days per week, with flexible hours to suit you. We offer 30-day net billing and multiple payment methods to all of our commercial customers.